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your business
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Booking Management
Centralize all reservations in one platform to
visualize quickly your capacity over time
Table Management System
Plan and optimize quickly to optimize your Sitting floor.
Enhance the customer experience
Revenue Optimization
Secure advance deposit for your
special events and large parties
Guest Database
Upgrade your promotions campaigns to capture
new revenue and boost repeat visits
Security Infrastructure
Weeloy is globally accredited and accepted certified PCI – DSS Level 3 service provider for online credit card transactions, and adheres to OWASP ( to provide 'foolproof' approach against possible web application security threats and take preventative actions immediately if requires. Weeloy is also Hackerproof certified by Comodo on top of regularly scan and uses WAF service to protect services from common web exploits that could affect application availability, compromise security, or consume excessive resources.
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