Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is SaaS?
    Software as a Service (Saas) is a subscription-based software business model that makes the solutions available over the Internet (Cloud). This allows flexible pricing and bundling of solutions, reduced hardware reliance and escalability. SaaS solutions typically are enhanced often without the need to install patches or upgrades on the user side.
  • Are you app-based?
    No, Weeloy solutions are browser based, which allows greater flexibility for enhancements and compatibility across operating systems and versions. There is no need to download or install anything to use our solutions, which means any device can be used by just logging in.
Reservation System
  • What is different about Weeloy Reservation System?
    Weeloy believes in empowering our customer brand, while remaining a silent partner in their success. Weeloy brand is not visible to our customer users at any point of the user journey. We also believe our customer success and efforts to attract new users or visitors should belong only to them: the data processed by our solutions is owned solely by our customers, hosted by us.

    Our Reservation System is powerful yet flexible enough to adapt to different F&B needs, offering an end-to-end online user experience in 14 languages on top of having a powerful CRM at its core. The Reservation System can be further integrated to an online payment gateway to enforce Cancellation Policies, which drastically reduces no shows and late-cancellations for our customers.
  • What is white label?
    'White Label' refers to the protection of restaurant branding from external bookings agents, which increase the restaurant brand visbility to the consumers.
    Thus, the consumers will never see Weeloy brand throughout the whole booking process, including logos, privacy policies, Terms & Conditions, domain names and e-mail addresses.
  • Why should I use a reservation system? I have a form on my website where customers can book.
    It is true that a web form may have similar fields. However, the main difference is the availability engine behind that allows to process and confirm online bookings using the underlying configuration selected by the customer. This automates the process as it does not require staff to engage with the online visitor, allowing the visitor to get a booking confirmation quickly and at any time (24/7) to finish the booking process. The less time spent to book by the visitor, the less time the visitor has to look at the competition.
  • Why should I use an online reservation system? My customers are able to call in or email us anyway
    Restaurants do have multiple channels for bookings. Certainly bookings over the phone can be a strong channel. It is however a channel that requires manpower available. It also has a bottleneck, depending on how many phones the restaurant has installed and is prone to human error.

    Website bookings do not require manpower to be confirmed (24/7), are easy for the visitor wanting to book and provide a conversion point for marketing campaigns. Setting the online booking process correctly not only may increase the bookings captured, but also shift the channels from calls to website booking, effectively aliviating the operation.

    E-mail bookings are a less important channel. Email's are sent usually for specific enquiries about dietary restrictions and menu options. This channel also requires manpower to work. The e-mail channel can be completely shifted to online bookings by having a website with the appropiate information and a reservation system instead of an e-mail address for bookings.
  • How should I handle my Private Dining Room?
    Many restaurants have Private Dining Room(s) but virtually no information available on their websites. Firstly, communicate correctly on the capacity, layout, menus available and policies. And, make the Private Dining Rooms easy to book and not a tedious process.

    Weeloy offers a version of the Reservation System that caters for multiple sections with independant availabiltiy, description, cancellation policiy and configuration.

    The online visitor will see the Private Dining Room(s) in the Reservation form and may check the availability. They will be able to make a decision based on the information provided.
Table Management System
  • What is a Table Management System?
    A Table Management System is a tool that allows the restaurant to plan and organize their bookings, tables, seat bookings and walk-ins during service hours at the same time accessing key profile information on their patron's booking history with the restaurant.
  • I have a Table Management System. Why Weeloy?
    There are a variety of products in the market but there are several differences that makes ours stand out. Weeloy TMS runs on any device with an internet browser, no app is required or to re-install in case of issues. It is integrated to all our solutions: The CRM is the core that allows profile search, identification and creation. The user has full access to the guest profile and history with 1 click. Booking Consolidation brings third-party bookings and the TMS even displays the original notification received from the third-party booking provider. Payment System allows to create bookings and request for credit card details securely and in compliance, it also displays on the TMS bookings that are guaranteed and with pre-payment details. It support group access for managers, so they can toggle between restaurants easily. It is available on a variety of languages like Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), English, Spanish, French, Thai, Bahasa, Japanese, and many more. It can connect to Receipt printers in the local network over the internet, to print Booking Chits at any of your printer points. Most of the features are configurable at user level.
  • My restaurant is fairly small, do I need a Table Management System?
    The benefits of using our Table Management System apply to both small and large restaurants. Any restaurant with repeat customers will benefit from it, especially those with heavy walk-in traffic or online bookings. Restaurants looking to bring guest experience to the next level rely on information to deliver the service, or to upsell. The Table Management System is where this information resides.
  • Can I link up the TMS with the RS and my POS?
    Our Table Mangement System is linked with our Reservations System by adding the POS could greatly enhance the guest profile data with their spending information.
    We work with a range of POS partners (Revel, Oracle, Infrasys, InfoGenesis, etc) and are open for custom integrations as well.
  • How can I see my guest's spending data?
    The spending data resides in our backoffice and is displayed on the TMS when the guest profile is pulled out, making it very easy to access.
Queue Management
  • What is Weeloy Queue Management System?
    This solution provides a reliable way to manage high volumes of walk-in traffic where the guest is required to wait for their turn to be seated.
    It provides a self-registration portal to allow guests to register to the queue, as well as creating or identifying profiles in the CRM. On top of that, it has two mechanisms to alert guests when their turn is next, using a TV to display On-Call numbers and/or SMS notifications.
  • I already have a Queue Management System, why Weeloy?
    The main difference is traditional Queue Management Systems do not address the profile and CRM aspects of the service. Restaurants using these versions do not have a database of customers. Weeloy's Queue Management System is connected to the underlying CRM to identify guests and/or create new profiles. Weeloy solution also allows pre-ordering while waiting in the queue.
  • Can I use a printer to provide a queue ticket?
    Certainly! The Queue Management System is able to connect to local printers over the internet to issue queue tickets, on top of the SMS notifications.
  • Can people buy e-vouchers on my website?
    Certainly! Once vouchers are created and configured, the landing page to sell them can be added as a link or button to your website, directing your visitors to see and purchase your voucher.
    Revenue generated goes directly to your account with the secured payment gateway and then to your bank according to its payout procedure.
  • When you say E-Vouchers, does that mean discount Voucher?
    We mean transaction electronic vouchers, which can be purchased or claimed, which is the case of a discount voucher or promotional voucher.
    The restaurant has the option to create vouchers that can be sold online or claimed for a promotion, without exchange of funds.
  • Do you allow batch voucher for corporate customers?
    Of course! This is configurable when creating the voucher. We support batch purchase and batch issue of vouchers to the same buyer.
  • How do guests redeem the vouchers? * How easy is the process? Any hardware needed?
    The process is straighforward, scan the QR code to verify the validity of the voucher and click 'Redeem'.
    Alternatively, it can be manually redeemed on Weeloy's backoffice.
Online Payment System
  • What would I use an Online payment system for?
    The main advantage of the solution is the ability to require a credit card guarantee for bookings, which can be card details or advanced deposits. This process will greatly reduce the amount of no-shows or last minute cancellations.
    Weeloy manages the rules for the guarantee process, which can be based on day of the week, meal type, pax size or event section (Private Dining Room).
    On top of regular bookings, the Online Payment system enables transactions for paid event bookings and e-voucher sales.
    The process is fully PCI compliant and secure both for guests and restaurants.
  • How do I secure bookings that come through calls or emails?
    Our Reservation Center allows the user to request credit card details when creating a booking.
    This functionality creates a 'pending' booking and will send the guest an e-mail to complete the booking, where the policies are explained and agreed to before moving on to the secure credit card input screen. Once this process is completed, the booking is confirmed.
  • Can I use my own gateway account?
    Yes, you can choose from the following gateways (Stripe, Paypal, Adyen, Red dot).
    Payments go directly to your account.
  • Can I customize my terms and conditions?
    Yes, our Online Payment solution is flexible and is based on rules defined by the restaurant. For example, weekend only, large parties only, private dining vs main dining room, deposit vs credit card details only.
  • When you say Online payment systems does it mean you provide a POS machine which accepts payments?
    No, EDC/PDQ machine is not online payments but for a transaction where the card is physically present. Online payment is for cards not present hence there is no need for an EDC machine.
Event Ticketing
  • What is Event Tickting?
    A solution to create and configure events the restaurant wishes to market, with the objective of converting visitors. The conversion into a booking may or may not require pre-payment, depending on the configuration. Restaurants tend to organize events such as Wine Dinners, Masterclasses, Cooking classes, Collaboration dinners, Holiday dinners, where seats are limited and pre-payment is mandatory to confirm a booking.
  • Can I set up short term promotions?
    Yes, validity period is configurable.
  • How can it help my restaurant?
    Improves conversion for special events, generates advance cashflow, secure seats (holidays or special events).
POS Integration
  • Do you integrate with POS System?
    Yes, we integrate with different POS system. Please contact us for more details.
Booking Consolidation
  • What is Booking Consolidation?
    Booking Consolidation is a solution that processes all third-party bookings to create, update or cancel bookings on a one single platform. Since these bookings are added, Weeloy's availability system remains current according to the user configurations.
  • How can it help my restaurant?
    Booking Consolidation will streamline operations when working with multiple third-party booking providers, keep Weeloy's availability current.
    It greatly impacts the dining experience as Weeloy identifies existing profiles, allows the operation to pull up relevant data about the guest instantly without searching through each individual third-party bookings.
  • How much are the solutions?
    Our solutions are based on the Solutions that you require. Restaurants can go on a full suite or select the Solutions they need on alacarte. Speak to our consultant to determine the best bundle for your business.
Call Control
  • What is Call Control?
    It is a system to automate bookings over the phone 24 hours a week, while keeping valuable statistics about the performance of your bookings lines. The objective is to convert calls to bookings using Weeloy Reservation System. Statistically, 35-40% of calls are missed due to busy operations or out-of-hours calls.
  • How can it help my restaurant?
    This solution will provide your callers a way of booking the restaurant without having to interact with a staff member, at any time. This will effectively increase your conversion for phone bookings. In case the caller does need to talk to a restaurant representative, this is also possible, and in case the call is not answered, an option to book will be presented to the caller.
    On top of that, it provides easy to read statistics about your reservation line, which can be used to measure the impact of operational and management decision in regards to the host team and the booking lines.
  • Can I use my existing line and physical phone?
    Yes, of course. In order to use the existing line all calls must be routed to our system.
  • Can I control the experience during day offs?
    Yes, this is possible with the advanced version of Call Control, where operating hours, breaks and day's off can be configured.
  • Is Call Control integrated with other Weeloy Solutions?
    Yes, It is integrated with Reservation System to process bookings and CRM to identify the caller.
  • Does Call Control support multi lingual voice messages?
    Yes, menu recordings can be uploaded by the resturant with the languages of their preference.
  • How does Weeloy help my marketing?
    Primarily, it provides the restaurant valuable guest profiles, which can be targeted with marketing campaigns. It also provides a conversion platform for marketing initiatives, whose objective is to generate bookings. The data collected empowers the marketing team to understand the restaurant customer groups, such as any allergies or preferences.
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