Guest Database
Turn valuable guest data into a powerful marketing tool
Leverage on learning to optimize your
marketing campaigns using our built-in CRM.
CRM with Profiles
Effortlessly manage reservations from all channels in a single, easy-to-use dashboard
  • Know your guests in order to serve them better & improve their dining experience.
  • Be prepared and drive service flawlessly.
  • Enable a culture of excellence.
Group Profile Sharing
Providing the extra touch to your VIP guests through group profile sharing of guest seating preference, special habits or special occasion across restaurants within the chain.
  • Access guest profile across all restaurants to improve service excellence.
  • Make key information available at the moment of taking a phone bookings or during the operation.
  • Nourish your database by enriching individual profiles instead of isolated duplicates.
POS Integration
Creating a 360-degree view of your customers through integration with leading POS systems for endless possibilites.
  • Omni channel experience to understand your guest
  • Learn who orders what and be prepared for the next visit
  • Create targeted customer groups based on consumption details
Dynamic Marketing
Leverage on Weeloy CRM to segment your customer database and sync targeted distribution list to Mailchimp, increasing your overall marketing effectiveness.
  • Sync customer groups when scheduling a new campaign from Weeloy backoffice.
  • Minimize your risk and comply with Data Protection regulations by filtering out opted-out customers.
  • Access campaign statistics directly on Weeloy backoffice
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